alphafill-create-index [options]


alphafill-create-index is the program that creates a new FastA file for the sequences found in the PDB or PDB-REDO files.


Display the options allowed for this program.


Display the version of this program.


Use a more verbose output, printing status and progress information.


Do not print any status or progress information.


Use the file configfile to collection options. The default is to look for a file called alphafill.conf in the current directory and then in the directory /etc. Use this option to override this and specify your own configuration file.


Directory containing the mmCIF files for the PDB


The FastA file containing the PDB sequences

--threads=nr-of-threads, -t nr-of-threads

Number of threads to use, zero means all available cores.

Default is to use as many cores as the system has.

See also

alphafill-process, alphafill-rebuild-db, alphafill-server, alphafill.conf