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AlphaFill is an algorithm based on sequence and structure similarity that “transplants” missing ligands, cofactors and (metal) ions to the AlphaFold models. By adding the molecular context to these protein structures, the models can be more easily appreciated in terms of function and structural integrity. Consequently, the AlphaFill models can be helpful in designing downstream wet-lab experiments and/or computational studies.

AlphaFill databank

The AlphaFill databank contains all AlphaFold models including the transferred compounds, if present. For each entry, metadata is provided describing the origin of the ligands and indicating the quality based on global and local Root-Mean-Square deviation (RMSd) values.

Data for a single entry can be found at the corresponding entry page (search by UniProt ID above). Download details for the complete databank can be found at the download page.

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